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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Anime Review: The World God Only Knows (Kami Nomi Zo Shiru Sekai)

Aaaaaaaaah The world God Only Knows is truly one of the greatest and most entertaining anime I've watched these days.
First things first I will review it as a whole show not season by season but don't worry I won't spoil!

Before I start properly here's some general knowledge needed to understand the concept that is the heart of this anime: Dating Sims (aka Galgae)
As the name says a dating sims is a game were you play as the protagonist who meets lots of girls and interact with them. Through a serie of choices the player pick one route and end up dating the girl which is on this route. Of course the player has to make the right choice to conquer the girl.
That's it for dating sims, lets proceed with the review!


The story start with Katsuragi Keima, a young popular high school boy who conquered more than 10000 girls. One could say he is a player and yes in fact he IS a player because...

... the girls he conquered are all in GAMES. Keima is an intelligent boy, straight A student, who is playing Galgae since he is young and wherever he want; whether it is while eating or in class. He calls himself the capturing God/the conquering God (depends on the guy who translated it)

He one day received an email from someone telling him to conquer a certain girl.

Thinking that it was a challenge Keima accepts without second thoughts and suddenly a girl appears before him in a flash!

This girl is actually a devil from hell who came to help Keima in his conquest.... of REAL GIRLS (Rearu On'na)

Keima at first doesn't believe because

Why does he have to capture them? To chase out the loose soul inside their heart. Loose soul are evil spirits from hell that fled to earth and want to destroy it. So they hide in gap of young girl's heart!
Of course Keima is trying to reject this:

But he has no choice because if he doesn't chase out the loose soul:

A harsh and cruel contract if you ask me.
Also conquering the girl means making them fall in love. You may ask: "Why should he make them fall in love?". Because if they fall in love, then Keima will fill the gap in the girl's heart and then chase out the loose soul.

And so begin the the story of the gaming conquering God who is forced now to conquer "3D girls" as he likes to call them. And this is pretty much the pace of season 1 and 2.
As the story progress we learn more about the loose souls, the Weiss, new hell and the threat upon the world

Season 3 is a complete change. Season 3 aka Goddess Arc (Megami-hen) is a whole new concept. The thing is that Keima still has to conquer girls but this time the fate of the whole world is at stake. I would love to tell you more about the Goddess Arc but I shall leave it to you to watch it because it is perfect. Everything was perfectly done and the ending was also perfect. A true conclusion to the show (note that the manga is still ongoing and I will talk about it later)
About the anime in general it is really funny, serious sometimes and hilarious some other times. Some episodes where he is not conquering girls he is playing games.


First is Katsuragi Keima. At the start of the series, Keima is completely detached from reality (although in a very friendly manner), showing absolutely no interest in any real girl, even pointing out that they are flawed and claims he is in no way sexually attracted to "3D girls" and sees such thoughts as below him. He hates virtually everything from reality, even himself. As a result, he takes refuge in his 2D world.

When talking to people normally without altering his personality, he is generally cold and distant. If he is paying attention to his PFP (their version of the PSP) or any other kind of game, he will even take no notice of other people around him unless called vigorously, physically abused or appealed to.
Though at the beginning of season 3 he shows some signs that he is finally starting to change. At the end we can see that he really changed! Because he (...)

Next is Elucia De Lute Ima aka. Elsie. Elsie is an overly optimistic individual with a playful personality. Despite claiming to be over 300 years old, she has the mentality of an incompetent teenager, and is in many aspects conspicuously immature and an airhead. Although earnest and hard-working, Elsie has become infamously inept at virtually everything save cooking (ingredients from hell) and cleaning, but she only owes her skills during her post as a custodian.
Yet, with all the insults and derision Elsie receives from Keima, she usually does not dwell on them for very long and continues to make mistakes anyway.
Furthermore, Elsie has the tendency to stay positive and persevere regardless of her flaws, demonstrating that she is at least the type of person who is determined to succeed while she still has chances.

Elsie also possesses a comedic obsession with fire trucks as well as with the popular idol, Kanon.

Finally is Haqua Du Lot Herminium. She is kind of tsunderish and Elsie's best friend. They graduated at the same time. Haqua is shown to be very harsh on herself. She is aggressive, but has a soft spot for close friends. She grew up as independent person and is reluctant to accept help from others. She also goes to great lengths to conceal faults in order to maintain her reputation. For example, in the beginning she lied to Elsie about capturing 10 spirits even though she had yet to capture any. Nora (another devil) has also stated more than one time that Haqua is too honest and trusts others too easily.
She also has feelings for Katsuragi. She makes her first appearance in season 2. She is voiced by Saori Hayami (Sachi in SAO).


The music is simply perfect! The 3 opening are in English (Engurishu) interpreted by Elisa (The 2nd opening featuring LiA)
I just can't describe it enough. The right soundtrack at the right moment. Full of small orchestral numbers and piano pieces; even a few j-pop songs thrown into the mix courtesy of one of Keima's targets being an idol. The music is simply heavenly. That's the only way to describe it.
Opening 1 - God Only Knows

Opening 2 - A Whole New World God Only Knows - Elisa and Lia

Opening 3 - Secret of the Goddess God Onlny Knows

And here's the orchestra OST that I like the most that should convince you 

 OST 1- Koi ~ Kuchizuke Made no Kyori

And finally the J-Pop part sang by the idol Nakagawa Kanon

Happy crescent - Nakagawa Kanon

Art and Animation:

The animation is good. We are within the norm of what we should expect these days. Nothing really outstanding except for ONE thing: The clothes. As a matter of facts the uniform designs are unique - I seriously haven't seen anything like those before and it makes me want to wear them as well

Difference with the Manga:

The anime doesn't diverge from the manga except some minor details. Also between season 2 and 3 there are some conquest that doesn't appear. It is not of big importance since they review them quickly in the first episode of season 3 but it is still fun to read, especially the body switch arc!
I should add that the manga is filled with reference to other anime like for example Evangelion. 
Also the manga is still ongoing


The World God Only Knows is truly an awesome show and I loved every episode of it. Keima is a perfect protagonist also, he is calm, composed and always knows how to act! This anime could be called a harem but I won't call it a harem because actually Keima doesn't care about real girls! He only cares about games! Games! GAMES!
So to watch it it would be in this order: Season 1, 2, 4 plus one (OVA), Tenri-Hen (OVA) and then season 3 Goddess Arc!
Finally the grade. If we take everything into consideration and my personal enjoyment I would put to this serie a solid 9.7/10
With this the review ends! I hope you enjoyed it! Also I soon am going to be the proud owner of the whole manga serie!
Bye-Bye ^^

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